I had a letter from ..... saying that my parents would remain at category 2 but by coincidence we applied for an apartment in ......... last week and I had a phone call yesterday to say they would be offering the apartment to my parents, I just couldn't believe it, as I know that at least a further 10 people had bid for the same property !!! It is quite possible that they had used your excellent report as a deciding factor, I can't think of any other reason!!. Mike Watkins June 11
Thank you so very much for your time & efforts on behalf of my aunt & uncle. I very much appreciated your input & your visit on Tuesday, & you have certainly provided some serious food for thought. Sue Granger July 2011
You were so helpful with my problem the other week and I just wanted to thank you and let you know that thanks to your advice I have managed to get things moving and resolve the hold up on mothers funding. Jane Jones August 2011
Thank you so much for all the information and web site links which you sent me –they were so helpful when I met mum’s social worker. Mum has now been assessed for a reablement package and we will look at arranging private care when it finishes-hopefully she will be able to stay at home for a little longer, which is what she wants to do. Laura, July 2012.